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Who developed the io game Superhex io?, crafted by Tekko Studios, challenges players to think strategically and act quickly, offering an engaging twist on classic territory control gameplay. Tekko Studios invites you to claim, expand, and defend your land against opponents in real-time battles.

What is Superhex io is all about? is a captivating online multiplayer game where strategy, precision, and quick thinking are key to victory. Players start with a small piece of land and must expand their territory by drawing shapes and connecting them back to their existing territory. The catch is, while out expanding, your tail is vulnerable to being cut by other players, which can eliminate you from the game. Players must balance aggressive expansion with defending their borders from encroaching rivals. With its simple mechanics and deep strategic gameplay, offers endless replayability as you vie to cover the map with your color, outmaneuver opponents, and climb the leaderboard to become the ultimate land conqueror.

Superhex io Gameplay Image Gallery

How to play the io game Superhex io?

🌐 Start Claiming Land: Visit and dive into Begin from your base and start expanding your territory.
🖌️ Expand Your Borders: Use the mouse to guide your marker outside your territory, and loop back to your existing land to claim the area you've outlined.
🛡️ Defend Your Territory: Watch out for opponents trying to cut your line while you're expanding. Protect your tail to avoid being eliminated.
⚔️ Attack Strategically: You can eliminate opponents by cutting their tails while they are trying to expand. Choose your targets wisely to expand your territory with minimal risk.
🗺️ Plan Your Moves: Be strategic about the direction in which you expand. Encircle other players' territories or cut them off to limit their growth options.
🏆 Dominate the Map: Aim to cover the largest area with your color. The more territory you claim, the higher you'll rank on the leaderboard.

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