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Who developed the io game Stabfish io ?, crafted by Draco Chu, offers a captivating underwater battle experience. Draco Chu combines intuitive gameplay with imaginative design, setting a new standard for io games with its engaging aquatic adventure.

What is Stabfish io is all about? is an innovative multiplayer io game set in the treacherous waters of the deep sea. Players navigate as ferocious marine creatures armed with deadly tusks. The goal is simple: eat to grow stronger and use your tusk to eliminate other players. As you consume and conquer, you evolve into more powerful beasts, unlocking new abilities and cosmetics. offers a blend of strategic gameplay and fast-paced action, making it a standout title in the world of web-based io games.

Stabfish io Gameplay Image Gallery

How to play the io game Stabfish io ?

🌊 Dive In: Access on and enter the aquatic battlefield.
🔱 Attack: Use your mouse to navigate, aim, and stab enemies with your tusk.
🐟 Feast: Consume floating food and defeated foes to grow in size and power.
⚡ Evolve: Collect power-ups to gain unique abilities and become the ocean's apex predator.
🛡️ Survive: Avoid larger enemies and traps. Use speed boosts and strategic movements to outwit opponents.
🏆 Dominate: Climb the leaderboard by defeating as many enemies as possible and surviving in the brutal underwater world.

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