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Who developed the io game Smash Karts io?

Smash, crafted by Tall Team, takes kart racing to a new level by blending high-speed races with explosive multiplayer battles. Tall Team delivers an adrenaline-pumping experience that keeps players coming back for more.

What is Smash Karts io is all about?

Smash is a fast-paced multiplayer kart racing game where strategy and speed collide. Players jump into karts and race around various tracks, collecting power-ups and weapons to take out their opponents in explosive battles. With customizable karts and characters, every race is unique and filled with surprises. Whether dodging missiles or zooming to the finish line, Smash offers endless fun and competitive action. Perfect for players who love racing and combat games, Smash is an io game that promises intense matches and thrilling victories.

Smash Karts io Gameplay Image Gallery

How to play the io game Smash Karts io?

🏎️ Start Your Engines: Visit and choose Smash to enter the race.
🛠️ Collect Power-Ups: Drive over power-up boxes to equip weapons and gadgets. Use them wisely to gain an edge over your opponents.
💥 Battle Your Rivals: Take out other players with your weapons. Every hit earns you points and can knock them out of the race temporarily.
🔄 Customize Your Kart: Earn coins by playing and use them to unlock new karts and character skins, personalizing your racing experience.
🏁 Race to Win: It's not just about being fast; strategy in using power-ups and avoiding attacks can secure your victory.
📊 Climb the Leaderboard: The more races and battles you win, the higher you'll climb in the Smash rankings.

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