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Who developed the io game Shellshockers io ?, conceived by Blue Wizard Digital, breaks the mold of traditional shooters with its whimsical egg characters and engaging gameplay. Blue Wizard Digital has expertly scrambled together fun and competition for an unforgettable experience.

What is Shellshockers io is all about? is a first-of-its-kind online multiplayer shooter where players take on the role of armed eggs and battle for supremacy in various game modes. With a range of weapons from the crackshot sniper rifle to the scramble shotgun, players can customize their egg-soldier to suit their playing style. The game stands out with its humorous theme, egg-cellent graphics, and fast-paced action, making each match an entertaining and thrilling experience. Whether you're yolking around in a free-for-all or teaming up in egg-capture mode, offers a shell-shocking adventure that keeps players coming back for more.

Shellshockers io Gameplay Image Gallery

How to play the io game Shellshockers io ?

🥚 Choose Your Egg: Start playing on by selecting your egg type and entering the fray.
🎮 Control Your Egg: Use WASD to move, mouse to aim and shoot, space to jump, and R to reload. Stay on the move to avoid getting cracked!
🔫 Arm Yourself: Pick up weapons and ammo as you navigate the map. Each weapon has its strengths and weaknesses, so choose wisely.
💥 Stay Shell Strong: Keep an eye on your health. Use items scattered around the map to heal and keep yourself in the fight.
🏆 Climb the Leaderboard: Rack up kills and survive as long as possible to score points and climb the leaderboard. Show the world you're the toughest egg in the carton.
🤝 Team Up: In team modes, work with your fellow eggs to out-strategize the opposing team. Communication and coordination are key to victory.

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