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Who developed the io game Jigsaw Puzzles io?

Jigsaw, developed by timetocode LLC, brings the timeless joy of jigsaw puzzles to the digital realm, offering an expansive collection of puzzles and a soothing multiplayer experience for puzzle lovers around the world.

What is Jigsaw Puzzles io is all about?

Jigsaw is an online platform where players can dive into the world of jigsaw puzzles, featuring a vast array of images ranging from stunning landscapes to intricate patterns. Players can choose their difficulty level by selecting puzzles with varying numbers of pieces, making it suitable for beginners and experienced puzzlers alike. The game stands out with its multiplayer functionality, allowing friends to solve puzzles together in real-time or compete to see who can complete puzzles the fastest. With new puzzles added regularly and the ability to upload personal photos to create custom puzzles, Jigsaw offers endless entertainment and mental stimulation in a calm and inviting online environment.

Jigsaw Puzzles io Gameplay Image Gallery

How to play the io game Jigsaw Puzzles io?

🧩 Select Your Puzzle: Start by choosing a puzzle from the extensive library on Options range in difficulty and theme to suit every preference.
👫 Solve Puzzles Together: Invite friends to join you in solving puzzles together, or connect with other players worldwide for a collaborative puzzle-solving experience.
⏲️ Compete in Timed Challenges: Test your speed and skill by completing puzzles in the shortest time possible. Compare your times with players globally.
🖼️ Create Custom Puzzles: Upload your favorite photos to turn them into puzzles. Share your custom puzzles with the community for a personal touch.
🔍 Zoom and Organize: Utilize tools to zoom in on details, sort pieces by edges or colors, and organize your puzzle-solving space for efficiency.
🏆 Track Your Progress: Earn achievements as you complete puzzles. Challenge yourself to collect all achievements and climb the leaderboards.

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